German coalition talks go to overtime as parties miss deadline

German coalition talks go to overtime as parties miss deadline March 26, 2018Leave a comment

BERLIN – German coalition talks will resume Friday, after the negotiating parties missed their self-imposed Thursday deadline for reaching an understanding to make a government.

The parties – Chancellor Angela Merkel\’s Christian Democrats and Bavarian sister party the CSU, along with the Greens plus the liberal Free Democrats – need to satisfy again Friday at noon for further talks, German press agency DPA reported?Friday morning.

“We’re convinced that we could add up if we want to come together,” Merkel chief of staff Peter Altmaier said.

Merkel set Thursday since the parties\’ deadline to come to a first agreement about forming government. But after over month of talks including a marathon negotiating session that lasted into early Friday morning, the parties were stalled using a small number of probably the most contentious issues.

The biggest sticking points remain migration and climate issues. The issue of family reunification – whether refugees moving into Germany will bring members of the family here – or perhaps to what extent Germany should shutter its coal plants, have been essentially the most controversial.

If the parties do concur with an offer, they’ll then decide calling launch formal coalition negotiations. When they fail, Germany can be compelled to hold a different election.

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