Alex(ei) Salmond plays Russian roulette with reputation

Alex(ei) Salmond plays Russian roulette with reputation December 4, 2017Leave a comment


EDINBURGH – \”Can I really tell the media,\” said Alex Salmond because kicked off the primary edition of his new chat display on Kremlin-backed channel RT, \”thanks for the publicity.\”

The former first minister of Scotland’s announcement of his new career move yesterday sparked blowback not only for from his political opponents but from fellow Scottish National Party (SNP) members, who stress about appearing near to the controversial media outlet each time once the Kremlin is allegedly interfering in national politics over the Continent.

In response, Salmond implored naysayers to tune in before passing judgment. And, to remain fair, the Alex Salmond Show?- which aired initially on RT U.K. at 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning – was a perfectly watchable half-hour of television. Salmond, a genial enough host, interviewed barrister Helena Kennedy and former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont. His associate Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh spoke to Tory MP Crispin Blunt about LGBT rights, an apparent retort to suspicions of editorial interference from Moscow. (Salmond also read out critical tweets – a few of which, it emerged later, didn’t exist.)

Salmond incorporates a devoted following, several of whom believe the often-controversial former SNP leader can do no wrong. But also for others, hosting an every week display on RT is usually a step beyond the boundary; proof the former first minister\’s ego has finally run very far previous to his once acute political judgment.

\”He remains one of the few talents left in British politics. He\’s hated by a few as they is effective” – A former SNP strategist

During his quarter-century as SNP leader, Salmond was inclined to quoting Robert Burns: \”The mair [more] they talk, I\’m kent [known] better.\” Indeed, it’s safe to say his new talk-show host persona was inspired by a wish to continue in the public eye (he certainly doesn\’t involve the income). Since losing his seat inside your home of Commons captured, Salmond – who\’s lived a lot of his life while in the limelight – seems petrified of slipping into obscurity.

Yet what\’s striking with regards to the past week is the backlash from Salmond\’s own \”side\” – not just former colleagues (\”What the f–k is he doing?\” was SNP MEP Alyn Smith\’s reaction) but his prot

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