Puigdemont: I’m still Catalan president

Puigdemont: I’m still Catalan president December 4, 2017Leave a comment

Carles Puigdemont insisted Wednesday that he\’s still Catalonia\’s real president despite being ousted by Madrid because of his independence push.

\”I is only able to [legally] stop being president if these circumstances happen,\” he told pro-independence news outlet El Punt Avui, mentioning death, losing a vote of confidence, or if he were not able fulfill the required the positioning. \”We enjoy the duty to keep at it while using the legality which had been presented to us as a consequence of the September 27 election\” in 2015.

Puigdemont was speaking from Brussels, where he arrived days after the Spanish government imposed direct rule over his region following Catalan parliament\’s vote to declare independence.

A Spanish court issued a European Arrest Warrant for him on charges of sedition, rebellion and misuse of public funds regarding the parliament\’s vote plus an October 1 independence referendum.

Puigdemont also said Wednesday that his members of the family have faced harassment on holiday, understanding that the relatives of other former Catalan government leaders have obtained death threats.

Former folks his Cabinet happen to be jailed without bail pending trial.

Puigdemont also said Wednesday that Madrid\’s go on to implement direct rule was \”not legal.\”

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