Noel Gallagher on Brexit: F—ing get over it

Noel Gallagher on Brexit: F—ing get over it December 4, 2017Leave a comment

Former Oasis songwriter and guitarist Noel Gallagher reckons the U.K. should “move on” from Brexit and those complaining concerning the referendum result should “f—ing get over it.”

Speaking throughout a Facebook live speak to the Noisey music channel Wednesday, Gallagher said?he sided with Remain, although he didn’t vote inside the referendum. But the Brexit discussion has clearly annoyed him.

\”In England, the Brexit thing, it\’s like, I can\’t believe there\’s a great deal noise over it,\” he said, as per the NME. \”You understand what I mean? That it was put to the people as the vote, the people voted. That\’s democracy. F—ing get over it.

\”I didn\’t vote because I didn\’t think we must have already been as a result of vote to begin with because as ordinary the public how are you qualified to discuss the breakup in the oldest Continent inside f—ing world?\”

He added: \”Then the folks looking to get the vote overturned, they accustomed to call that fascism. However they don\’t think of it as fascism any longer simply because they\’re f—ing \’right on.\’

“I cannot think we ought to have gone the [European] Union because I feel right in the time it happening, we turned our back about the French, who were encountering some dark terror shit.

\”But it\’s happened now,\” Gallagher said. \”It became a legal vote. F—ing get it done and let\’s begin.\”

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