May and Juncker’s Brexit lunch: Live blog

May and Juncker’s Brexit lunch: Live blog December 4, 2017Leave a comment

Following a weekend of intense diplomacy geared toward finding sufficient progress towards an agreement involving the U.K. and Brussels on Brexit, Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker meet for any crucial lunch meeting Monday at 1.15 p.m. The climate music around the EU side ahead of the meeting indicated that both the sides are close (ish) but still don’t use a deal, with protection for citizens’ rights and guarantees over the Northern Irish border one of the keys sticking points.

At the meeting, May shall be along with her Brexit Secretary David Davis and her EU sherpa Olly Robbins (who have been conducting the majority of the final negotiations). In the room while using European Commission president will probably be his Head of Cabinet Martin Selmayr and Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator. At 4 p.m. May meets European Council President Donald Tusk.

POLITICO is going to be after the results of the meetings and reaction along the Continent.

James Randerson
December 4, 20176:39 pm

NO Putting the blame (Definitely not For the DUP)

Leo Varadkar, pm: “Is still our view that your can be concluded until the summit around the 14th December.”

“Obviously things eliminate and have become problematic throughout the lunch in Brussels.”

“I can\’t think at this time may well particularly be useful to point fingers at any group or individuals.”

James Randerson
December 4, 20176:37 pm


Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney:

“These include structured negotiations. The wording that is greed today didn\’t come as a result of conversations between political parties over the telephone.”

“So effectively the sale was over. And also since then obviously, there\’s clearly been a get longer to enable that deal to become confirmed.”

James Randerson
December 4, 20176:34 pm


He claims that they agreed a negotiating text but the problem came later. “We agreed that text today. Manged to get cabinet approval for it in principle.”

“Could the pm needs more time.”
“I actually do trust her and I do believe she\’s negotiating in good faith.”

Andrew Gray
December 4, 20176:27 pm


A senior Brexit-supporting MP, also speaking following the meeting (see previous entry), told journalists he too probably would not countenance Northern Ireland having different rules into the other countries in the U.K.

\”I do not think which could possibly happen. The us govenment does not have many for that… Ireland wishes to promote the roll-out of a United Ireland. That was not very surprising,” the MP said.

He accused the Irish government of any leaking a draft text within the agreement, branding the move “propaganda for that United Ireland.”

\”We cannot align the unsafe effects of one the main U.K. together with the EU. Of course, if we align the whole of the U.K. with the regulation of the EU only then do we haven\’t left the EU. You will find a logical impossibility to doing precisely what the Irish government proposes, without either keeping the EU or splitting up the U.K,” the MP said.

– Charlie Cooper

Andrew Gray
December 4, 20176:23 pm


Conservative MPs just briefed on today’s negotiations by Brexit minister Steve Baker and Downing Street chief of staff Gavin Barwell.

Pro-EU MP Anna Soubry briefed journalists not in the Westminster committee room when the meeting wrapped up a few moments ago. She said MPs informed “nothing had certainly been agreed, but nothing ended up being ruled out either.”

MPs were “with the impression” that no offer was forthcoming from your U.K. on regulatory alignment between Northern Ireland additionally, the Republic of Ireland.

\”Nobody could have to have one part of our country to create a different set of rules to another one element of our country,” said Soubry, who have required the federal government in order to avoid such trade-offs by preserve the full U.K. from the single market as well as customs union.

– Charlie Cooper

James Randerson
December 4, 20176:18 pm


Statement from Labour MP Chuka Umunna, a significant supporter of Open Britain:

“This chaotic Brexit brinkmanship is damaging our economy, as growth has become downgraded, companies are nervously preparing their contingency plans, and inflation has rocketed, leaving professional worse off.

To reach a workable compromise on the Irish border, it\’s clear that the smart choice is to maintain the whole on the British while in the single market and customs union. This would ensure no hard border while protecting our economy additionally, the integrity your union.

Nobody might have thought whilst the referendum that the negotiations can be this complicated, and then we would agree to give

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