Living in the Highest Inhabited Settlement of Europe

Living in the Highest Inhabited Settlement of Europe August 25, 2018Leave a comment

With the altitude of 2200 meters Ushguli is referred as the highest inhabited village in Europe. It is found at you of Shkhara, on the list of highest Caucasian summits.

Unlike a great many other villages elevated in the lake it really is inhabited. Nearly 70 families reside in the place. There\’s a simple public school as well as an outpatient clinic during the village. Superb location of Ushguli and the unique lifestyle of them inside village make this a popular and interesting area to visit.

Ushguli deserves attention of central and local governments along with private sector. Road rehabilitation from Mestia to Ushguli has recently started as well as solve almost all of the problems of local population. One of several unique projects implemented while in the village was \”MagtiSat\’s Digital Broadcast in most house of Ushguli\”.? MagtiSat has provided digital satellite television signal to every household in the Georgian village Ushguli via SES\’s satellite. The project was implemented through the terrestrial digitalization of Georgia in 2015 and its particular initiator was SES, world-leading satellite operator which offers satellite communications services to broadcasters, content and isps, mobile and stuck network operators, governments and institutions worldwide. Terrestrial digitalization has not been easy for Georgia tailored for its mountainous regions. Though this phenomenal one-time project SES by making use of MagtiSat managed to digitize a rural mountainous village Ushguli just in a couple of days.

Terrestrial digitalization was an obligatory of Georgia in 2015. TV digitalization need to have been finished by 2015 installing Georgia but in the main Europe using the decision of International Telecommunication Union and EU. Moving for the digital TV for Georgia was a different step toward developing of the nation as well as general digitalization. Before it, at the beginning of 2012 one significant step toward digitalization in Georgia had been made. In January 2012 the first-ever domestic digital digital tv in Georgia

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