Special Exhibition of Modern Artists – Argo Beer Packaging

Special Exhibition of Modern Artists – Argo Beer Packaging August 23, 2018Leave a comment

Argo launched limited group of beer called “Special Exhibition” which is actually a first stage of re branding.

On the packaging, 15 paintings of 11 modern Georgian painters shall be decorated on 120,000 bottles within the initial stage so they can be bought for just a month . 5. While in the campaign, t-shirts and bags is going to be designed.?The leading stage of Argo re branding starts from mid-August.

Shocko Chachua, manager of Argo brand portfolio: “The whole re branding of Argo is predicted from the mid-August. That is a temporary package that will be annual initiative- “Special Exhibition” of modern heroes, artists. 11 artists have joined the exhibition additionally, the collection is given 15 designs. For rebranding, the modern logo ?continues to be determined by British agency Stranger And Strangers, which can be devoted to the industry of alcohol.

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