Gov’t not to Subsidize Winegrowers

Gov’t not to Subsidize Winegrowers August 6, 2018Leave a comment

Business community positively read the Georgian government intention to quit subsidizing viticulture.

According to Zurab Ramazashvili, the head of Telavi Wine Cellar company, it is the right decision, and when the subsidies are actually canceled, the pricing in the marketplace shall be accomplished according to market principles and will not be relying on various external ?factors.

Competition will grow that ?will help the quality of grapes because producers associated with a poor-quality product will no longer have the ability to promote it. Bills ., farmers might be instructed to produce more quality grapes to get additional for doing it. Even though the state subsidized viticulture, they did not have such motivation as hoped for the minimum amount for the best unfit grapes, according to.

Director on the company Badagoni Gia Shengelia states that it’s time for you to improve quality of grapes in the united kingdom.

Subsidies hinder enhancing viticulture, as producers feel more confident and also worry that they can remain with nothing. Now they need to pay more attention to quality, as they do not need a guaranteed income, he explains.

Shengelia refrains from predicting ?just what the price of grapes this season, it really is obvious that demand is expanding, so purchasing prices will even grow this year.

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