Expected Effects of Regulations on Natural Juices and Strong Drinks

Expected Effects of Regulations on Natural Juices and Strong Drinks July 30, 2018Leave a comment

Government of Georgia is perfecting introducing regulations on natural juices sturdy drinks. In line with Minister of Agriculture Levan Davitashvili, business sector has proposed to manage natural juices market as well as the concern is being arranged with the Ministry.

As to regulations for strong drinks, previously Gin and Whiskey cant be found produced in Georgia and so, there wasn\’t any demand for similar regulations, the Minister said.

As reported, introduction of regulations determine both labeling standards and also the rule of game will probably be regulated relating to the market players.

The Caucasus Business Week (CBW) has inquired factors that cause introduction of technical regulations on juices potent beverages and the real challenges ahead of the sector.


David Buadze, founder of KAMPA juices manufacturing company, explains which a component of domestic manufacturers produces decoction rather than natural juices and fosters unequal conditions for honest companies that can be purchased.

Therefore, it is vital to control natural juices available on the market and find out the rule of game that can be purchased and that process determines what on earth is juice, nectar and beverages containing juice, David Buadze said.

?Unfortunately, some manufacturers indicate to the label that your strategy is juice, but really the items is falsification, including, decoction. Consumer thinks that most products using the image of fruit and beverages are juices, even so is not really reality. Juice can be a drink with 100% fruit content. Nevertheless the drink with less number of fruits is really a nectar, while if the product contains a very low a higher level fruit, it is widely known as a glass or two containing juice. Today there are companies over the Georgian market that assert they produce orange juice, while orange content within the strategy is only 45%?, the KAMPA founder noted and added that in truth consumers buy nectar and this is not indicated within the label.

David Buadze declared that for years they want to the juices market, like the market of milk and dairy food.

We are going to complete natural juices regulation process jointly with Ministry of Agriculture, Buadze said.


Unlike KAMPA, KULA company has no information about new regulations. The company director Vano Goglidze said that Secretary of state for Agriculture was without hitting the ground with the business relating to this issue.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia

?90% of juices out there aren\’t natural products?, businessman Temur Chkonia said and stressed that it\’s necessary to set regulations out there of natural juices.

We were operating about the fizzy drinks promote for Forty years as well as advertised merchandise is adulterated products. Therefore, government should interfere during this process and implement changes and control this industry.

When company representatives state that their products are created from 100% natural products, this is usually a fraud. \”We always indicate the real structure at our labels, that is we always indicate number of natural juice. Other programs never indicate such figures. That is a formula of your success. This is not falsification, this is an ordinary lie and deception of customers. They misuse human psychology as if they produce healthy product. Including, when they assert which they produce tarragon and peach lemonades of natural juices, it is an absurd. This is catastrophe and that is huge lie. Using green-colored Tartrazin, for example, is inadmissible. These components are forbidden in many countries\”, Chkonia said.

90% of natural juices really don\’t satisfy standards and they are generally not natural products, he noted.

As reported, Tartrazine (U102 yellow color) makes especially negative effect on children, causes allergy, skin diseases, lowers attention, causes hyperactivity, violates vision and sleeping functions.

In reaction to the issue why Government introduces the mentioned regulation, Chkonia explained that Government may have guessed we now have problems on this direction and new regulations really should not be introduced total price someday, but an invaluable system needs to be intended to receive specific and efficient results.

All efforts ought to be oriented on real results, Chkonia said.

Sometimes, regulations have superficial character? and Government may just? introduce technical regulations without real effect, while, real establishment and popularization of such regulations need certain time, the businessman said.

In a reaction to the question whether introduction of technical regulations may eject several manufacturers through the market, Chkonia explained that similar risks absent, because today manufacturers are certain that these regulations are not going to be employed in reality.

Georgian Lemonade company

Varaz Aspanidze, head of Georgian Lemonade company, claims that as well as unsafe effects of natural juices, it is very important to coca cola too. The industry should be regulated which need to be reflected in protection of consumer rights.

It is a right decision to modify natural juices and robust drinks market, since the so-called natural juices that will be indicated as nectars are not natural products in fact. Market of natural juices needs regulations, however, also, it is essential to regulate soda pops market too, in this case lemonades market, he stated.

There are complications with quality on coca cola market. Namely, Tartrazine utilized in lemonade production can be a food colorant and it\’s inadmissible to get this agent, however, entrepreneurs need to use fantastic, the businessman said.

\”You will meat products, including lemonades, that are not suited to consumers. This factor creates unfavorable condition for many people and then for any entrepreneur, that are oriented on quality. As to our lemonades, such as, Tartrazine is just one single variety

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