Visit Renovated Mardi Plaza With Quality Service And Good Conditions

Visit Renovated Mardi Plaza With Quality Service And Good Conditions July 28, 2018Leave a comment

Despite 4 seasons and weather, Batumi Plaza stays the most populous devote Batumi.

Over the years Plaza is the centerpiece of Batumi, the stage that reference. Plaza can be a unique mix of retail, residential and offices, here operates: hotel, sports-club, the Olympic standard children\’s pool and health and fitness center. A few months ago, numerous demolition during the and development company Mardi Holding took control of the therapy for the plaza.

The new management aims to help make the Plaza a safe and secure, regulated and comfortable shopping and leisure center to the customers, together with the building and services. Your house and also the services continues to be renovated: the indoor and outdoor perimeter was planted up, all lifts and escalators were started, the bathrooms were repaired, the front side distinct the plaza is regulated by external trade, video surveillance cameras were installed to raise security, the Qualified Security Service was invited to provide to protect all of the facilities and all sorts of existing trading points.

Mardi Holding’s management attempts to have the prices acceptable to consumers, hence providing favorable prices for services, for example, one visit fee while in the Pool Tourist package should be only 10 GEL (the value includes fitness, sauna, jacuzzi).

The Olympic standard pool is exclusive in Georgia as it contains a rolling roof, that\’s closed or open due to weather. Thus, it is impressing for the guests to determine the heavens when swimming.

The Plaza Sport and Health club offers its customers a wide range of services, a modern day sports hall, aqua aerobics, sauna and jacuzzi (additional services: massage, fitness professional, individual swimming lessons). Any guest can get a sunbath on the Mardi Plaza Veranda using the beautiful views of Batumi around the background.

In the Mardi Plaza you will find there\’s four-star hotel that gives the most beneficial company to the locals and visitors. With the special offer, a double room booking is offered for less than 100 lari.

Mardi Plaza is undoubtedly an attractive position for advertising where thousands of people navigate around for several purposes as well as adverts within the building are in addition to the interior ?which is not going to irritate the consumers and give companies chance direct advertising.

Mardi Plaza promises much more innovations, including making additional parking lots.

The Mardi Plaza will give you quality service and comfort.

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