Renewed Company Argo on Georgian Beer Market

Renewed Company Argo on Georgian Beer Market July 18, 2018Leave a comment

After Argo purchased company Castel, Brewery started working away at an extensive re-branding. Renewed Argo returned to Georgia beer market with full of interesting news.?Present day standards enterprise boldly occupied its put in place the international arena.


Within the newest sustainable development plan, the business has expanded significantly. The usual label of Georgian customers gained a fresh scale. Finding additional local and foreign investments allowed the company to better the strategies of production that positively reflected the top quality and stability with the product (both beer and lemonade)

Georgian and foreign qualified staff of Argo generates a European standard beer. Retraining and updating staff has already been completed. Leading German specialists took care of the technical side of production lines and upgrades.

The company’s brands have grown more diverse as brand new ones direction in addition to old brands. Brewery Argo introduced one of many oldest Dutch beer “Holland” in Georgia. The fresh concept was acquired by Georgian products, including everyone knowledgeable about the cult of beer – “Argo”. British agency Stranger and Strangers done anything about re-branding, they’re specialized in the realm of alcohol. Holmes and Watson operate in communications campaigns.


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