Georgian Juice Producers not Want to Buy Local Concentrates

Georgian Juice Producers not Want to Buy Local Concentrates July 15, 2018Leave a comment

Georgian producers of natural juices will not use local concentrates and like imported ones. in line with the director on the cannery Giam Group Rezo Gogitidze, the rose makes a numerous concentrates, that happen to be 100% exported, while local producers spend currency on imports.

Our concentrates are exported towards European Union, Israel and Japan which don\’t have any claims about quality. Our partners are happy about the merchandise, but it’s unclear why our concentrates usually are not applied by local producers, he states.

The plant produces 750 lots of concentrate in 2 months, while local producers need 7 tons to the year.

\”We cannot impact their work and dictate what concentrates to shop for and which not. We produce quality concentrate, which costs about the imported one, Rezo Gogitidze notes.

Giam Group was established last year. The investments valuation on the project was USD 6 000 0000. Manufacturers of plastic packaging face problems at the same time.

In the word what of Director within the company Geopack Enrico Mosulishvili, his company provides packing materials into a amount of large beer producers, along with Borjomi. However, other large companies, one example is, the software creator of popular drinking water Nabeglavi, still prefer imports.

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