Hypermarkets Sell Bilberry for 18 GEL – Product for Profitable Entrepreneurship

Hypermarkets Sell Bilberry for 18 GEL – Product for Profitable Entrepreneurship June 18, 2018Leave a comment

Plenty of grapes, peach, apple and mandarin are grown in Georgia and farmers frequently fail to fully sell them. Consequently, section of farmers have made a decision growing more profitable products including bilberry.

Currently, bilberry predominantly grows in Samegrelo, Guria and Ajara regions. In The european countries, exports price of one kilogram of bilberry is all about 3-5 USD. Gurian farmer Zviad Mirianashvili has decided jointly with three partners to have an account of bilberry production. In 2015 he soon began preparation works and acquired seedlings in Georgia, USA and France to find out which advisors could bring more economic effect.?

\”In spring 2016 we arranged 10 hectare of bilberry seedlings, but we want to increase the space to 20 hectares by 2018. Bilberry gives commercial harvest in the third year and before, it takes corresponding care. Therefore, thus far we\’ve got picked only test harvest of 5 tones and sold 1 kilogram to one within the exporter companies for 6-7 GEL\”, Mirianashvili explained and added that bilberry seedlings are grown in Georgia, namely Ajara-based laboratory.

This year the price tag on 1 kilogram of high-quality bilberry was 18 GEL at hypermarkets. This product is incredibly profitable, Zviad Mirianashvili said.?

\”The sales and profits are going to be comparatively very trying to domestic market, because our citizens below the knob on info about useful options that come with the product. Therefore, unfortunately we cannot expect our citizens to fork out a great deal of to the product.

\”Bilberry must be sold inside a week once the picking day. Our domestic companies are not prepared for huge volumes. Export prices will not be lowered during this period. Consequently, a part of the harvest will likely be exported abroad. In Georgia we can sell bilberry that doesn\’t satisfy export standards additionally, the price will likely be corresponding\”, Zviad Mirianashvili said.

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