Lika Chokheli: PR is Moving Along Time and Develops With It’

Lika Chokheli: PR is Moving Along Time and Develops With It’ May 31, 2018Leave a comment

Interview with Head of the Public Relations Department with the Co-Investment Fund of Georgia Lika Chokheli.

– Which media outlets don\’t you follow?

– It\’s to spotlight an individual, owing to my profession. I attempt to keep updated daily through various media outlets; Maybe that is what distinguishes PR specialists using professions- We\’ve got to not select just one single but ought to follow all, every single day.

– What are the differences between PR and Advertising?

– PR- the word itself says-Public Relations. It indicates the relations between society and company/organisation. They may be sent to harmonize relations with partners or inside organisation. Regarding advertising, it\’s among the list of technology of selling which commercializes something.

– Tell us regarding your project or period that you simply proud of-

– Each project implemented by me is extremely important and makes me proud. Not given that it was the perfect (maybe it was), but I learned interesting things during that, and yes it became a motivation to a different one.

– How does one react when a client or simply a manager disagrees together with your PR strategy?

– It is natural and healthy process, if you witness different opinion while developing PR strategy. It often helps us to own best result. That might be more scary merely never had issues; A whole lot is been dependent on your abilities as being a PR Specialist, so that you can balance and compare people\’s visions. The most significant mistake you can make seriously isn\’t to be handled by others. It\’s my job to try and look events from someone else\’s perspective, hear people, that is what Advertising represent, talking with society, not just a document of your very own interests.

– Share your experience of? negative media attacks that you choose to sorted out?

– There have been some negative attacks, but I\’m glad that you can\’t remember anything specific,as it seems I successfully dealt at the beginning, using right strategy. Beautifying quite a job that gives that you great experience and makes your career more interesting.

– What may you improve?

– The PR field is incredibly interesting for its essence. Also each part of the society is interesting himself, then again their unity offers us another picture. Unfortunately, PR specialists lack of the opportunity to approach individual members of society and frequently need to sum up one common thought or belief, giving us professional discomfort as the Pagerank whose main aim is a constructional relation with society. What would I improve? Hard to give you a specific example, because PR, like other fields, requires constant development. There are not any united formulas, PR is moving in conjunction with time, accordingly, it develops by using it.

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