Brand History – Lemonade Khiliani

Brand History – Lemonade Khiliani May 24, 2018Leave a comment

Brand history- Lemonade production company Khiliani was published in 2014 inside village Natakhtari, Mtskheta region, while using support within the state program Enterprise Georgia.

Ten million USD was invested. They are saying within the company that Khiliani incorporates a special aroma, produced by Georgian fruit, which has no conservatives. Khiliani (Eng.: fruity) was named because it is sparkling, non-alcoholic, fruity beverage.

Idea to begin with enterprising-since 1990s there was no lemonade served by conventional methods on Georgian market. None of the companies were oriented on enterprising lemonade and cultivating methods that will provide in many years. This field was more developed in Georgia during post-soviet era.

The company \”Georgian Lemonade\” started taking care of creating lemonade by studying centuries of technology. Intensive consultations were conducted with scientists and technologists getting work done in dozen of years of this type.

The unique technique originated, which made it an easy task to get lemonade with a special flavor made from Georgian fruit by merging centuries-old traditions with modern technologies.

According to the researchers with the Geological Research Institute, because the presence of a top-notch water source in Mtskheta region, Natakhtari, land plot was selected. The current form of enterprise was internal full compliance with international standards, pre-loaded with modern machinery and laboratories, which ensures stability of quality product.

In the beverage made by the Georgian lemonade, genetically modified conservatives are certainly not used.

\”Georgian Lemonade\” creates the following kinds of lemonade: pear, tarragon, citrus, mojito, lemon, grapes, lime, and cream.

The old kinds of fruit, citrus and plants are utilized to produce special aroma, which might be distinguished with a taste and health improvements.

The major difficulty can be a competition available. Product established itself by its quality.

\”We use absolutely natural products, consuming be reflected around the final product. Its distinguished from other products,\’\’- they claim at company.

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