Chateau Mukhrani to speculate 700 000 GEL to Expand Business

Chateau Mukhrani to speculate 700 000 GEL to Expand Business May 6, 2018Leave a comment

Chateau Mukhrani will invest 700 000 GEL to grow business. Using the decision from the government, company was presented over 1004 sq.m non-agricultural land and building located on that land, in Mtskheta region. Company paid 12 048 GEL.

The land was presented with finished with some obligations, like :700 000 GEL ought to be invested.

The cellar, warehouse, alcoholic drink production and storage space really should be arranged once your there for at least 1000 sq.m.

The obligation must be fulfilled with 24 months dependant on contract.

As they are saying on the company, these people have a specific plan of expansion, which provides coverage for couple of years. Mukhrani Palace inner restauration will be performed by 50 % years. While, visitor center and hotel construction will require a start.

The company has begun planting vines since 2002, by 2007 that it was capable of producing their particular wine. Currently Chateau Mukhrani produces wine as well as other liquor.

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