CNICK – Smart Ring Offering at Concert halls

CNICK – Smart Ring Offering at Concert halls May 5, 2018Leave a comment

Smart ring has acquired the latest function C citizens are going to enter concert halls with thanks to the Cnick ring, the business marketing manager Nino Gvazava told BusinessPressNews.

Cnick is a startup of Georgian students that appeared on the market almost a year ago. At this point, the ring may very well be applied at all facilities, where permission is needed, such as: universities, ponds, offices, fitness gyms et cetera.

\”About Eight weeks ago a brand new function was combined with the ring. The modern function enables keepers to enter theatres. All tickets bought via the Internet shall be stored for the ring system in automatic regime. As a result, ring owners will easier enter cinemas without browsing queues. At this time, Cnick rings are applicable limited to Cavea movie, however the ring will be admitted with moviehouses in neat future\”, she said.

\”Moreover, we cooperate with Health Ministry to download the owner’s primary medcial information to this ring (blood group, wellness background etc). However, this post will be attainable to simply medical staff. We\’re also taking care of this trouble approximately annually and now we want to add this function soon. We arrange to add banking functions to your ring, fare payment functions. For the winter season the ring will enable proprietors to enter ski resorts too\”, Gvazava said.

The company offers export product to foreign markets. Tariff of the smart ring ranges from 99 to 129 GEL.

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