Pizza by Bitcoin – CryptoCurrency Payment Method in Georgia

Pizza by Bitcoin – CryptoCurrency Payment Method in Georgia April 23, 2018Leave a comment

Company “Prego” adds bitcoin like a payment method. Prego will be the first company entirely region which makes it actually possible to pay by cryptocurrency, when launched, says Nodar Baghashvili, the top of Company.

It will probably be possible to pay by bitcoin from September.

”Pizza contributed considerably in developing bitcoin, simply because it was a first product sold to bitcoin. This really quick day are still being celebrated among bitcoin society.

As for, why we thought we would introduce bitcoin… why not? We run using the industry since very long time, we have been even adults and looking to keep operating long. Can certainly that bitcoin isn\’t going to penetrate on Georgian market up to now, but bitcoin will be improved itself.

E-money has to be a partner of Prego.

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