GPI Holding Draws Major Insurance Premium

GPI Holding Draws Major Insurance Premium April 15, 2018Leave a comment

GPI Holding is leader in terms of number of attracted insurance premium. As outlined by materials published by Insurance Supervision Agency, while in the second quarter of 2017 the corporation drew 64mln GEL insurance premium, up 14mln GEL than the same quantity of 2016.

Aldagi insurance firm ranks second with 49mln GEL, up 7mln GEL every year (42mln GEL while in the same amount 2016). Imedi L is third with 30mln GEL insurance premium, down from 43mln GEL while in the same amount 2016.

PSP Insurance has recorded a small contraction too. At the moment the business drew 27.28mln GEL in the second quarter, while the figure totaled 27.81mln GEL inside same amount of 2017.

ARDI ranks fifth with 19.17mln GEL insurance premium, up 3mln GEL year on year, up from 15.86mln GEL. ?After the next quarter of 2017, sixteen insurance vendors were registered and 15 your personal life and nonlife insurance licenses.

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