Natakhtari Company as well as Coalition for the kids plus the Youth Welfare presented a Joint Program towards the Government Agencies

Natakhtari Company as well as Coalition for the kids plus the Youth Welfare presented a Joint Program towards the Government Agencies April 7, 2018Leave a comment

A round table was organized while in the Gepra\’s Competency Center inside framework with the campaign for supporting the beneficiaries who left the care system.

Natakhtari Company along with the Coalition for kids along with the Youth Welfare presented some pot program to the stakeholders. It truly is noteworthy which the public agencies, along with the Secretary of state for Labor, Health insurance and Social Affairs along with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development additionally, the Government\’s Administration, took an energetic part in program development process.

The program involves several important chapters, which represent a certain guide for municipalities to assist beneficiaries on the territories.

Results of joint work and recommendation packages were also addressed with the meeting to ensure that local self-governments can certainly help and empower the youth after leaving hawaii care system.

\”We reviewed among the many elements of this program developed inside framework in the advocating campaign, which supplies for support from the youth leaving hawaii care system. This is actually the document? – the guide, during which we\’ll allow local municipalities, local governments to mobilize available resources to help the youth who reached the era of 18 and as a consequence have got to leave the system\” C explained Nikoloz Khundzakishvili, the company Director of Natakhtari.

?In cooperation with Natakhtari Company we produced program for municipalities in the framework of advocating campaign, the particular guide ways to assist the youth who left nys care system. It contains several components, e.g. ?providing accommodation, making utilities payments and assisting them transport costs, particularly who are students? and get to incur elementary transport costs along with other needs, these costs may be financed by local municipalities,\” C noted Ketevan Kalandadze, associated the Coalition for kids and the Youth Welfare.

?Generally, it\’s a excellent program, but it surely requires elaboration. I will continue our cooperation using the Coalition to raised know the problems an have the program flexible, tailored to beneficiary needs, in order that an absolute help is provided to those young people who really demand it,\” C said Nino Odisharia, Associated with the Secretary of state for Labor , Health insurance Social Affairs.

In the tip the parties addressed great need of private and public sectors\’ involvement. The provider Natakhtari is getting ready to support increase of the program inside regions too within its social responsibility framework. Government departments welcome this initiative and therefore are all set to provide recommendations to local self-governments on program implementation.

Members of your Coalition Board, representatives of Natakhtari Fund, Association- Our Home Georgia, Company Natakhtari as well as Ministries of the Labor, Health insurance and Social Affairs and Infrastructure also took part in the round table.

In the beginning of July the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between Natakhtari Company as well as Coalition for the children and also the Youth welfare targeted at assisting the youth who left their state care system. Advocating campaign shipped to cooperation with respective central and native professionals and implementation of developed recommendations. Several meetings of stakeholders were organized inside campaign framework.

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