Coca-Cola Secret headquarters Staff Concerns Research Georgian Market

Coca-Cola Secret headquarters Staff Concerns Research Georgian Market February 13, 2018Leave a comment

Sales of Coca-Cola exceeded all the predictions during six months, which attracted attention of Hq of Coca-Cola, site send their staff for researching the market. Temur Chkonia, Founder of Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia, commented with this with Commersant:

”We now have our statistics and formulas. I’ve been through e-commerce for quite some time and we’ve never had such serious growth. We make predictions by the end of each and every year, we did identical for 2017, expecting that increase is maximum 10%, although Six months results ended up quite different. Sales increased by 31% when compared with 2016, we can’t explain why. The Marketing team from Home office Coca-Cola will arrive in Georgia in nearest days to check out market. ”-says Temur Chkonia

He assumes that increased wide variety of tourists and usually, youth feature Coca Cola is the reason. It’s basically stable situation in the country, stable economy always develops and grows business. Specialists will research a genuine reason.

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