High Interest Shown in Community Meetings for Nenskra Hydropower Plant Project

High Interest Shown in Community Meetings for Nenskra Hydropower Plant Project January 8, 2018Leave a comment

Local community members expressed high involvement in information provided by JSC Nenskra Hydro at public hearings in the week in Chuberi and Nakra of Mestia Municipality, Svaneti Region.

Experts from each one of the project\’s technical teams were there for talk to community members from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.? August 22 and 23 in Chuberi and are still positioned on August 24 in Nakra. The meetings were well attended by most of the communities potentially relying on the Nenskra Hydropower Plant project.

Community members asked project specialists about local employment, dam safety, land acquisition and livelihood restoration, community investment program and environmental management.

JSC Nenskra Hydro representatives welcomed this higher level of engagement and topic experts were designed to provide comprehensive responses to community concerns and expressed persistence for continue engaging communities on consistent basis.

Georgia has yet to build energy independence, as being the country experiences a deficit in electricity supplies in the fall and winter as a consequence of less water provided by rivers and increased internal energy consumption.

The average annual energy import throughout the winter reaches 610.00 GWh from Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Once commissioned, Nenskra Hydropower Plant will generate approximately 1\’200.00 GWh annually, allowing Georgia to substantially reduce its dependence on imported energy and improve economy of the united states.

The supplementary studies with the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report were first disclosed in March 2017. Your entire package of documents as well as summaries can be found in Georgian and English languages in JSC Nenskra Hydro office in Tbilisi, about the project\’s website also in the project information centers in Chuberi and Nakra.

JSC Nenskra Hydro is often a project-based company established 2015 on account of cooperation between Korea Water Resources Corporation K-Water and JSC Partnership Fund. The organization will construct the Nenskra Hydropower Plant from the Nenskra and Nakra river valleys in Mestia Municipality with the Svaneti region. The 280-MW Nenskra Hydropower Plant will generate approximately 1\’200.00 GWh of electricity annually, that is fully consumed because of the Georgian market.

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