Tamar Razmadze – the Luckiest Winner of Natakhtari Lemonade\’s Magic Drawing

Tamar Razmadze – the Luckiest Winner of Natakhtari Lemonade\’s Magic Drawing December 31, 2017Leave a comment

Magic drawing of Natakhtari Lemonade took begin May 20. Among the list of lucky winners is already identified C Tamar Razmadze won a holiday to Disneyland for four people.

Tamar Razmadze lives in Tbilisi. She\’s married and has now three children. Tamar never thought of winning and thought it was impossible, however really magic drawing of Natakhtari Lemonade changed her attitude dramatically: ?Irrrve never thought that it had been possible to win something, that it was surprising whilst still being I feel myself as with an aspiration. I immediately told my husband anf the husband made me even happier while he explained that the trip was for four persons not for two. Our youngsters can begin to play the trip. Natakhtari Company awarded us with tickets for your third child also, hence the entire family should go to Disneyland.\”

Tamar\’s family often buys Natakhtari Lemonade and is particularly a loyal customer. My wife never visited the Disneyland before, it absolutely was just like a childhood dream as she said: ??I love Natakhtari Lemonade a great deal, I often purchase it particularly when we walk with children. Irrrve never been to Disneyland before and was having dreams about it. I\’m promising my children to adopt them but to go somewhere with a total family have been unaffordable for a little bit. Therefore, it was a genuine surprise for people like us, I could not believe it – and really dreams may be found true eventually.\”

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