Renewed City Mall – Saburtalo to Open in November, 2018

Renewed City Mall – Saburtalo to Open in November, 2018 December 27, 2017Leave a comment

The shopping mall “City Mall – Saburtalo” is expanding. In line with the company “AG Development”, a brand new trading facility are going to be opened in November 2018.

At this stage the building\’s area is 17,000 sq / m. The revolutionary building\’s ?position for rent ?is 57,000 sq.m additionally, the total ?area devoid of the business center are going to be 87,000 square meters.

According on the company, the land plot about what the house might be located is 36,000 sq. m. City Mall location is critical as it would be inside city center and is a daily gathering position for both families and friends.

International brand shops and entertainment sites will be arranged inside the building along with a automobile parking space for 1500 cars within the ground. As Commersant was told within the company, City Mall will fully satisfy customer demand since 2018. IG Development doesn\’t specify ?a number of ?investment made ?for expanding the shopping mall.

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