Cherie Started to Produce Machine Coffee

Cherie Started to Produce Machine Coffee December 26, 2017Leave a comment

Cherie began to produce machine coffee. Irakli Lomtatidze, the Director and Founder of company, explains that machine coffee is within 200-grams packing.

As for your price, production belongs to all price category, which ranges from 3.80 to 9 GEL.

”New coffee will come in big supermarkets. It’s early to go over about results, you can evaluate right after the year”- states Lomtatidze.

According to him, machine coffee is imported until recently, Cherie is the first company in Georgia that produces it itself; Competitors are going to be only imported productions.

Cherie founded in 2012. The factory based in Lilo, may be the larges enterprise in Georgia. 4,5 million GEL has long been invested. Company produces 7 sorts of product – 4 ground coffee, 2 instant and 1 machine coffee.

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