Cottage Business created for Gem Fest

Cottage Business created for Gem Fest December 4, 2017Leave a comment

Cottages in Anaklia has launched in close proximity to Music Festival Gem Fest territory. Founder Mikheil Kvirtia says to Marketer that idea showed up depending on existing requirements. The service is mostly for adolescents who want comfortable home throughout the event.


Mikheil Kvirtia: Me and my guys visited Anaklia this past year initially. We attended Gem Fest 2016 with out certain plans. We liked the festival but we had arrived constantly hungry, thirsty, needed coffee and comfy space to chill. I’ve been analyzing everthing after the summer, requirements what attendees need in the event. Me and my uncle, Tengiz Arkania made cottages.

What will be the segment and scenarios?

We own 7 two-room cottages. Each cottage has two rooms and is being rent separately. One room is perfect for 2 persons, although extra bed is often added. Daily charges are 200 GEL, basically we can provide discount upon length of stay. The primary segment will be the folks who enjoy having fun but comfort is usually important. Cottages are fully equipped by every useful item, wi-fi, bath, cold and warm water, air conditioner system, washing and drying machines. Breakfast is likewise contained in the package. We\’ve our very own cafe-bar, offering Georgian-European cuisine.


Do the younger generation who attend music festival pay that quantity associated with??

Cottages opened on 14th of July and even if we barely buy promotion, interest rates is actually comparatively high.

It’s early to discuss about business success, but will you predict it will be lucrative business based on existing customers?

Existing customers amount and interest gives us an opportunity to predict, we\’ll start to earn profit in next summer. Also, we have an information that the port are going to be constructed in Anaklia, that may change seasonal status of cottages as well as need constantly.

Will you be renting out cottages after music festival ends??

It will probably be renting out for a number of months right after the end of Gem Fest. Basically, it\’ll serve families that relax by way of the sea.

What would be the plans for future?

We will expand the territory, add other comfort elements and new items. We actively discuss about launching our cottage network in other regions too. We believe of Racha and Svaneti for any beginning.

There couple of festivals on the areas too where individuals overnight for many days. Could you consider building a similar cottages for other festivals too??

Unlike Gem Fest other festivals durations are rather short. So, we don’t want to target that.

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