Schoolgirl's Business 2050 Meters Above Sea Level in Bakhmaro

Schoolgirl's Business 2050 Meters Above Sea Level in Bakhmaro December 4, 2017Leave a comment

The house which door would open only in summer, changed into an art-caf inside of a week and became quite a few locals and tourists 2050 meters above sea level.

17 years old Mariam Ejibia opened a first art-caf in Bakhmaro.

Mariam useful to spend holidays in Bakhmaro. She\’d a perception to produce space where individuals back from hiking would gather, possess some delicious food, hear music and just spend a unique evening.

With the assistance of her mother, the ode had become a craft space. Mariam took care of exterior and interior decoration by hand, neighbors gave her unique pictures from them old albums, photographer Giorgi Isakadze and artist Tatia Koberidze presented their works in?art-caf.

”Why chose the name art-caf? because, I would like artists a great possibility for represent and share their works. It could be a mountain resident, tourist, tenant, everyone who wishes”- says Mariami.

Locals are extremely tolerant of caf opening. 4 individuals are employed at? art-caf, 2 turn out locals.

Khachapuri is cooked because of the cheese from next the next village, special tea by blueberry, and that is within Guria mountains. Locals supply?caf considering the products.

Art-caf already has be a main spot to gather in Bakhmaro. Locals, tourists and tenants discuss about different topics.

Mariam will close the bar on September 15th when Bakhmaro will begin to be covered within the snow until next summer.

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