ICC to Send Official Warning to about 6 million International Investors

ICC to Send Official Warning to about 6 million International Investors December 4, 2017Leave a comment

ICC chairman Fady Asly intends to send the official letter to about 6 000 0000 investors, men and women International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

The letter will describe the threats that exist before business commencement in Georgia. Fady Asly told the Analytics that many domestic and international businesses suffer the pain of pressure in Georgia plus its their moral responsibility to inform international?investors about these threats. Fady Asly has provided a time as many as October 2017 to fix the problem.

\”When Bidzina Ivanishvili met with businessmen on October 5, 2012, he said: really do not want that previous cases be repeated; do not endure pressure, never let anybody blackmail you. If you locate about similar cases, come and tell us\”. These promises turned out to be fraud, because after October 5 everything returned to the ordinary condition. Therefore, we\’ve got decided to take our won decisions.

It doesn\’t seem possible to invite investors possibly at the same time, to ruin domestic and foreign businesses. There are numerous endure this. If into two months, before October, these complaints may not be resolved, i will send official letter about 6 000 0000 investors of ICC to warn them about threats in Georgia for business inauguration. All investors will get special notifications.

If these problems were not resolved from the first week of October, all investors on the globe will probably be notified about business climate problems in Georgia. This can be time for Government of Georgia to line treatments for the situation. One can find tens of firms that have problems with pressure.

This attitude towards the business should change. Gangsters, who manage these processes today have to be punished. Therefore, without these steps, ICC possesses the moral responsibility to warn our member companies for the current risks for commencement of business in Georgia\”, Fady Asly told the Analytics.

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