Investment – Georgian Online Platform for Crypto Currency Trades – Georgian Online Platform for Crypto Currency Trades September 1, 2018Leave a comment
20171205442.jpg is a new Georgian platform for crypto currency trades. The system enables people to exchange currency and phone each other via a mediator (Peer to Peer trading).

At one time, customers are in the position to exchange crypto currency into traditonal currency (Flat Exchange) or stick it in protected space (Cold Storage), while through Cloud Mining it enables to employ crypto currency investments. The provider representatives noted that UshbaCoin enables becoming a company owner.

Luka Kobalia, Ushba marketing manager answers the Marketer’s questions.

-We know BitCoin already exists, What the heck is UshbaCoin?

-BitCoin and also other similar crypto currencies are generated through mining. About UshbaCoin, its one of several shares of Ushba.Io crypto currency trade platform, this is a company stake. All individuals who own Ushbacoin gets respective dividends from company profits right after all months. This kind of component differentiates UshbaCoin business crypto currencies.

-What factors have inspired anyone to develop Georgian platform of exchanging crypto currency?

-Crypto currency stock trading platform uses the url of famous mountain of Ushba. It had been designed for operation on international market. is founded on the so-called Sharing Economy principles and a great number of publication rack according to the same principles.

The trading platform will connect people desperate to sell and get crypto currencies together. And this process offers serious changes on top of the market. People but not major organizations determines valuation of crypto currencies by 100%.

-How we\’re able to employ UshbaCoin in Georgian reality??

-Georgian and foreign citizens are thank you for visiting expend in Ushba.Coin development. Starting September 15 they\’ll if you buy one Ushba.Coin for 10 USD and receive monthly dividends (based on Smart Contract). The company profits include both commission fees from crypto forex trading and revenues from Cloud Mining.

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