Global air visitors up 6%, boosted by low-cost carriers

Global air visitors up 6%, boosted by low-cost carriers August 31, 2018Leave a comment

MONTREAL (Canada): Worldwide passenger air traffic grew again during the past year, albeit at a slightly slower pace, led from the dynamic progress of low-cost commercial airlines, the International Civil Aviation Organisation reported Monday.

A total of three.7 billion passengers were transported by the world’s airlines in 2009, a 6% increase from 2015. That was slightly below the previous year’s 7.1% rise, the United Nations agency said.

Growth was most pronounced in between East (11.2%), Asia (8%), Latin America (6.5%) and Africa (5.7%), as it was slower in Europe (4.3%) and The united states (3.5%).

“Over half the world’s tourists who travel across international borders yearly were transported by air,” the Montreal-based agency noted in a very statement.

Low-cost carriers made up 28% of most passenger air traffic. Passing a milestone, they transported over 1 billion passengers somebody in charge of.

In Europe, low-cost carriers transported nearly a 3rd off passengers, a bit more compared to 31% in Asia or North America’s 25%.

“The growing existence of low-cost carriers notably in emerging economies caused the continuing development of passenger traffic,” the ICAO said.

As for scheduled domestic flights, United states accounted for 43% of the total, up 4.3% within the previous year, while domestic traffic in Asia was up 10%, largely caused by growth in India and China.

Increased traffic and significantly lower fuel costs helped boost airlines’ operating profits, the fact that ICAO put at US$60 billion for last year, some US$2 billion greater than in 2015.

“More than a third of the earnings are expected to range from carriers of The us, whose domestic market represents 66 per cent of their total operations,” the agency reported.



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