Construction or Rikoti Highway to file for in 2018

Construction or Rikoti Highway to file for in 2018 August 6, 2018Leave a comment

Rikoti Highway Project, which costs few hundred numerous USD, is going to be launched next year. Within the interview with?“?????? ?????”, the deputy minister of Infrastructure, Irakli Matkava revealed the results.

According to Irakli Matkava, Rikoti alternative highway might charge drivers with taxes. The Secretary of state for Infrastructure will spend 3.5 billion USD during next 4 years and the majority today shall be used highway construction.

“Rikoti might be modernized. A fast and wide highway will likely be constructed which could limit the amount of travel. Because it is a mountainous a part of the country, it will probably be recommended to build tunnels, bridges and has now to accomodate modern standards. Currently, project info is discussed, as you might think construction, it\’s going to start in 2018.

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