50% of Jobs Are going to be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence in 2020-2025

50% of Jobs Are going to be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence in 2020-2025 July 25, 2018Leave a comment

Microsoft Georgia presented a new method of Clouds technology. It provides a potential which could change everything for business. Establishing Clouds service on the globe is more rapid than in the past. It changes the running style and making of economic in every business organizations. The director of Microsoft Georgia, Nikoloz Doborjginidze reveals additional information with Businesscontract.

What do you know us about your new strategies?

We are entering an exceedingly interesting era. We\’re also witness on the fourth industrial revolution plus in nowadays, technologies and innovations can play the most significant role to add mass to business. Technologies become cheaper quite fast. Two years ago, smartphones cost 500 USD currently, precisely the same product costs only 10 USD. Technologies help an accelerated development and Mincrosoft will be on the list of important players, however. Microsoft has become presented at Georgian market since 2010. Business development is dynamic so we want to establish cloud technologies in companies this coming year.

Can you explain why do we start to use ClOUD technology, the goals for and exactly how important could it be to use this innovation nowadays

“ClOUD” technologies are a spot to avoid wasting data and all the resources effortlessly and fast. As you might think price, this is a less expensive decision than construction on the data center. We have been glad that Georgian companies already commenced to work with CLOUD technology and during each year, approximately 80 small, and average companies started making use of it. ?CLOUD comes with an indefinite recourse for receiving information. The shopper pays amount for any recourse he makes use of.

What about the mobility of your technology in accordance with the needs from the customers?

It may be bit hard to define it now, because we estimate this problem individually. Our partners are checking on the infrastructure searching to optimize it. Our goal will be to give just that product and service customer requires.

Is the main topics Artificial Intelligence widely discussed?

According into the data I’ve read recently, 50 % of current jobs won’t exist by 2020-2025 simply because they is going to be substituted with artificial intelligence. For instance smart automobiles which is to be much safer and it\’ll completely affect the world. Microsoft employed 5000 developers last year to the office specifically in this direction. Several things will be changed and then we feel that machines and humans work together to obtain more.?

Is our country ready of those challenges?

We possess a good partnership while using the government. We enable them to when using the growth and development of Techno Park and now we signed a memorandum which grants CLOUD technologies for nothing to startups. The government also considers using CLOUD technologies themselves. Microsoft is probably the technological giant that is certainly presented in Georgia nowadays.

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