Which are the Development Perspectives for Produce in Georgia Beneficiary Companies?

Which are the Development Perspectives for Produce in Georgia Beneficiary Companies? July 5, 2018Leave a comment

Fifteen companies financed under Produce in Georgia state program will ever try to be effective that can be purchased independently. The issue is of firms that have completed 24-month cooperation period with Entrepreneurship Development Agency in the state program.

According to Entrepreneurship Development Agency of Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, twelve out from 15 publication rack newly established startups, that are fitted with arrange online companies when using the support of Produce in Georgia state program, while the remaining three companies have expanded and re-equipped the previous businesses in the mentioned program. Moreover, while using help of Entrepreneurship Development Agency, five companies make consentrate on exports markets and they have already exported 2 720 653 GEL products to foreign markets.

These 15 companies sometimes make investments in excess of 60 800 000 GEL.

Subsidies issued to those companies composed 6 899 329 GEL. They\’ve already transferred 12 969 167 GEL to show budget and this is an extremely positive indicator. It is essential that these lenders are inventing 470 new job places. In the foreseeable future, the sheer number of employees will considerably increase, because companies arrange to actively expand production.

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