Tender for your Construction of Storage to be Announced in 90 days

Tender for your Construction of Storage to be Announced in 90 days June 9, 2018Leave a comment

The tender for Storage engineering and construction works might be announced in 90 days, supposedly. As per the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Energy, Mariam Valishvili, an overseas consultant is hired to organize a tender plan.

“We united engineering stage that is the first and extremely important phase coupled with deciding on a construction company. There is also a technical consultant, who asserted that it will be important to conduct additional researches for geological structure alongside technical-economic confirmation to calculate exact parameters for engineering works”- declared Valishvili.

Concerning the budget with the construction of storage, deciding will never be made yet. Possibly that Gas and Fuel Corporation can take a loan from finance companies or from a trader and SOCAR is among the choices. ?

SOCAR is considered as the. A persons vision continues to be expressed but we\’ve not discussed anything yet- noted Valishvili.

The construction of storage is planned all-around Samgori and this will employ a capacity to preserve 300 cubic meters of gas.

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