Georgia's External Debts Mark 15.5 billion USD

Georgia's External Debts Mark 15.5 billion USD May 16, 2018Leave a comment

As of December 31, 2016, in comparison with 2015, Georgia’s external debts have grown by 416 million USD and totaled 15.5 billion USD.

Because of upturn in debts and GEL depreciation, external debts’ correlation to total GDP considerably increased. Georgia’s external debts accounts for 108% of your 2016 GDP.

External debts comprise both state and also sector debts. Government’s external debts in 2016 increased by 294 million USD. Banking sector’s external debts rose by 187 million USD. Non-finance sector’s debts grew by 603 million USD. Intercompany loans available as foreign directs investment declined by 645 million USD.

Chart: Georgia’s external debts in many USD

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