Average Salaries operational Sector Rose to 1130.4 GEL in Q4

Average Salaries operational Sector Rose to 1130.4 GEL in Q4 December 4, 2017Leave a comment

In the last quarter of 2016 averaged salaries operating sector composed 1130.4 GEL, up 85.8 GEL year on year, including salaries for young girls comprised 819 GEL, up 66.1 GEL year on year.

According to Geostat, the national statistics Service of Georgia, averaged salaries are the following:

  • Major business C 1268.5 GEL
  • Medium business C 1110 GEL
  • Small Business C 646.6 GEL

In the 4th quarter of 2016 the ratio of trade sector in operation sector turnover structure constructed 47.5% (including vehicles, household products and things). Processing industry ranks second with 11% ratio. Housing sector is third with 9.8%. Transport and communications rank fourth with 78.7% and other fields C 23%.

In the fourth quarter of 2016 the number of industry sector operating sector output marked 21.3%. Housing and commerce sectors ranked second and third with 19.8% and 17.1% respectively. Transport and communications sector C 12.6%; real estate, leasing transactions and services C 9.5%; ratio of all the other fields C 19.7%.

In your fourth quarter exactely trading sector, processing and development sector altogether wide variety of employees comprised 25.5%, 13.8% and 10.4% respectively.

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