Georgia's Prospects for Wind-Generated Electricity is 1,450 MW

Georgia's Prospects for Wind-Generated Electricity is 1,450 MW May 8, 2018Leave a comment

Georgia carries with it an important wind energy potential with 1450 MW total resources, that is estimated in order to annually generate 4 billion kilowatt-hours.

According to GNERC’s (Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission) annual report, there are no cases when small power plants have sold electricity to retail customers in 2016, which had been?mainly because of the low level of competition from the electricity sector.

Generally, legal framework for renewable power as well as energy efficiency is not really sufficiently strong its keep work just like special laws that might regulate them. Above and beyond this, the fields has to be studied within the economic and technical aspects so as to effectively assimilate them.

Hydro resources accept the first instance one of the natural riches of Georgia. There are 26,000 rivers on the territory of the country. Their total length is concerning 60,000 km. The full water method of getting Georgia, that is certainly composed of ice, lakes and water reservoirs, is 96.5 km3. Around 300 rivers are significant with regards to energy production; their total annual potential capacity is equivalent to 15,000 MW Georgia is probably the top countries when it comes to water resources per capita in fact it is logical that today 80% of total electricity is generated from Hydro Power Plants (8.3 TWh), being the main energy resource.

According to scientists, the proportion on the wind power stations on the earth power engineering is going to be 10% via the year 2025.

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