ENPARD Report: Total Revenues of Cooperatives Rose by Averaged 19% Year on Year

ENPARD Report: Total Revenues of Cooperatives Rose by Averaged 19% Year on Year April 13, 2018Leave a comment

European Neighborhood Programme? for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) has published an annual variety of growth of agriculture cooperatives financed by EU in Georgia.

Under the report, this program has financed over 260 cooperatives (financial component might be maintained in 2017 too). ENPARD has invested about 12 million GEL, whilst the co-financing ratio of cooperatives marked 4 million GEL.

The report covers performance of ENPARD-financed cooperatives in 2014-2015, excluding Ajara Region; However, the indicators were submitted by cooperatives themselves and, most often, they could be recycled confirmed by official documents.

The report covers performance of 118 cooperatives that unite total of 1180 members (10 members available as one cooperative usually).

In 2015 one cooperative owned long-terms assets of 99 000 GEL, an average of, up 12% when compared to 2014. Cooperatives purchased 39% of long-term assets by EU financial support, while other area was purchased by such sources as: cooperative membership fees, leased assets and the like.

Only 79 cooperatives of 118 ones inquired submitted number of revenues. According to the mentioned indicators, total revenues of organizations created about 6 000 0000 GEL, 30% ones? (1.8 million GEL) were net profits. In respect of inquiry conducted in 2014, only 48 cooperatives of 82 ones submitted indicators about revenues. In comparison with 2014, in 2015 total revenues of one cooperative increased by 19% usually (as many as 77 000 GEL from 64.6 thousand GEL).

In 2014, forty-five cooperatives of 82 ones inquired? received profits, in 2015 – 74 cooperatives outside of 118 ones received profits, while 8 cooperatives ended all seasons in losses. Net profits of a single cooperative increased by 21%? to get a year. When compared to 2014, in 2015 net profits (only in cooperatives with positive profits) rose by 41% (from 16.6 thousand GEL to 23.5 thousand GEL); 8 cooperatives saw 8.800 GEL losses an average of in 2015.

A major part of cooperatives (85%) reinvested an essential a part of profits being made for development purposes.

Inquired cooperatives were involved with about 25 various? chains of agriculture sector and in addition they familiar with build a wide range of assortments. For example, in 2015 fifteen cooperatives produced 34 lots of honey (2.3 tons by one cooperative normally); twelve cooperatives produced 1 726 plenty of potato (144 tons by one cooperative generally); 8 cooperatives produced 250 hectoliters of wine (31 hectoliters by one cooperative on average); 8 cooperatives produced 90 plenty of vegetables (11.2 tons by on cooperative normally); 6 cooperatives produced 143 tons of berry (23.8 tons by one cooperative an average of).

By 2013-2019 the ENPARD budget in Georgia marked 102 million EUR. Priority with the first phase of the program was the agriculture sector development, as you move the second phase targets enhancing potential of monetary growth of village residents.

The ENPARD small cooperation component for small farmers? is done by CARE, OXFAM, Mercy Corps, PIN and UNDP Georgia.

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