GEL-Denominated Loans Grow in Value

GEL-Denominated Loans Grow in Value March 23, 2018Leave a comment

Ratio of consumer loans in retail loans portfolio (9.363 billion GEL) would not exceed 20%. The dollarization coefficient is 20%.

Only 25% of long-term loans (2.3 billion GEL) has been issued in foreign exchange. The figure accocunts for 6.4% in short-term loans (469 million GEL).

Interest rates have gone up on GEL-denomintaed short-term loans -20% (18% at the time of March 1, 2016); in foreign exchange C 8% (7.4% from March 1, 2016).

Long-term foreign currency denominated loans have shrunk to 11.8% (12.8% since March 1, 2016), while GEL-denominated long-term loans have rose to 16.1% (15.8% since March 1, 2016).

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