Kazakhstan Reveals Plans for Cargo Transportation via Azerbaijan

Kazakhstan Reveals Plans for Cargo Transportation via Azerbaijan March 11, 2018Leave a comment

Kazakhstan plans to export over 450,000 a ton of gas oil through the new Kuryk port then through Azerbaijan and Georgia until late 2017, Head of Kazakhstan Railways National Company Kanat Alpysbayev told reporters in Baku.

He made the remarks to the sidelines in the general meeting with the Union of Legal Entities of the \”Trans-Caspian International Transport Route\” association.

He noted that typically the attempts are underway to grow the road of cargoes transported via the port of Kuryk, and for a start, the export of goods from Kazakhstan has been considered.

Also, the opportunities for that transportation of transit cargo, one example is, raw sugar, in the volume of over 150,000-200,000 tons returning to Uzbekistan until the end of this year through the Kuryk port are figured out, he added.

Alpysbayev stated that greater than 15,000 lots of cargoes were transported via the port of Kuryk so far.

\”Until no more all seasons, it\’s planned to place about thousands of a great deal of cargoes everywhere,\” he explained.

The first cargo achieved the Baku International Sea Trade Port from Kazakhstan\’s new port Kuryk in Alat on March 25, 2017.

The Kuryk port by using a total portion of 40 hectares is located around the Trans-Caspian international transport route, that is certainly essential for handling the cargo going via this route.

The new complex is found far better the Baku port, in comparison to the Aktau port, through which transit was accomplished previously. The voyage from Kuryk to Baku takes 18 hours.

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