Diesel and Petrol Imports Saw 3.3% Plunge in February

Diesel and Petrol Imports Saw 3.3% Plunge in February December 4, 2017Leave a comment

In February 2017 Georgia imported 72.2 thousand a lot of petrol and diesel, down 2.4 thousand tons (-3.3%) every year, including petrol imports marked 36.1 thousand tons and diesel imports constructed 36.1 thousand tons.

According to Union of Oil Products Importers, petrol imports due to categories was the following:

  • A-91 Regular C 26.9 thousand tons (74.5%):
  • A-95 Premium C 9.2 thousand tons (25.5%);
  • A-98 Super isn\’t imported in February.

As to diesel imports: 36.1 thousand a great deal of 50PPM (Euro Diesel) was imported in February 2017 (100%), while L-62 diesel was not imported inside the reporting period.

As to countries, a significant volume (20.8 thousand tons) was imported from Russia (28.8% of total imports), Romania – 19.1 thousand tons, Bulgaria C 13.8 thousand tons (19.1%), Azerbaijan C 12.6 thousand tons (17.5%t), Turkmenistan C 3 thousand tons (4.1%), Greece C 1.6 thousand tons (2.2%) and Cyprus C 1.3 thousand tons (1.8%).

In February 2017 Georgia imported 2.3 thousand tons of oil bitumen, up 43.5% month on month. A leading section of the imports was executed from Iran. Lubricants imports constituted 1.4 thousand tons, down 6.6% month on month.

Jet fuel imports made up 3.7 thousand tons, up 2.7% month on month.

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