February Records Upturn on price of Living

February Records Upturn on price of Living December 4, 2017Leave a comment

Cost of living grew in February. Living costs of your able-bodied male constituted168.10 GEL, up 1.8 GEL month on month and up 5.1 GEL year on year.

The living cost associated with an average consumer marked 148.90 GEL. According to Geostat, cost of living of the average family made up 282.10 GEL.

As to families, living costs of your two-person family marked 238 GEL, three-person C 268 GEL and 4-person C 297 GEL.

Starting 2004 Geostat calculates living costs due to minimum food basket which is determined by Ministery on the job, Healtchare and Social Protection.

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