Directory of JSC Terabank Performance in 2016

Directory of JSC Terabank Performance in 2016 August 15, 2018Leave a comment

The year of 2016 was a amount significant challenges for Terabank. The bank has coped with all of challenges successfully. Medium and small business sectors (SME) represent a main target segment to your Bank. At the conclusion of the year, Terabank\’s market ratio rose by 1.2% to 4.4%.

Terabank has met the entire year of 2017 with a 43% growth in? SME credit portfolio as well as a 20% upturn in volume of clients. In 2015, after 17-year reputation of Bank existence, it was decided to revise business strategy and it became important to modify the bank\’s appearance and communication model. Following visual revision in the concept, Terabank team comes with new service standards, improved products with all the aim to provide maximal comfort for clients.

?In 2016, based on the bank\’s business strategy, a unique product was designed for micro and SME clients C Tariff Partner. The item provides special comfort for businesses in everyday bank operations. The bank account additionally introduced a unique offer for microbusiness companies C 10% of curiosity rates settled annually is returned last case of borrowing credit?, Akaki Sanikidze, head of product development department, noted.At the end of 2016 Terabank provided support for major startup event with participation beginner and successful entrepreneurs of 16 different industries. At Startup Market Terabank offered special package for entrepreneurs C free service for anyone bank operations and cards for six months. Terabank has got several special products within the retail market, including Flex Deposit, which protects clients from unexpected cases. It is just a sort of term deposit with special flexible conditions. Unlike other term deposits, regarding withdrawal of sum upfront, apr is charged as a consequence of measure of the effective time.

In 2016 Terabank\’s Travel Card was really popular that enables the owner to withdraw money cost-free from your ATM, undertake online payments at trade and service outlets. In 2017 Terabank will keep working on business strategy printed in 2016 and plans to intensify efforts in small and medium business directions and improve products. Ease of Finance House is also expressed in diversity of distant channels.

Mobile Bank using Terabank simplifies handling of own accounts. Before i write again the latest Internet bank will likely be launched with flexible and functional interface. E-commerce direction is becoming seriously popular in contemporary business and in 2016 Terabank intensified efforts with this direction too. The bank account offers to increase the service and transform i into a nice-looking product for medium and small business sectors.

Along with diverse products, Terabank is expanding the network of branches everywhere Georgia.? Currently, Terabank owns 23 branches and service centers in Georgia under My Finance House concept. The figure is predicted to increase to 27 service centers in 2017.

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