Everybody can Purchase Securities: Koba Gvenetadze

Everybody can Purchase Securities: Koba Gvenetadze July 24, 2018Leave a comment

The president of National Bank, Koba Gvenetadze claims that a lot of people believe it is impossible to get securities and the product is not flexible enough.

Today, on 22th of February, within the auction of state securities I purchased this breadmaker one (1000 Gel) 5-year security. Preparations to get the simple: Your banker where We have a bank account, having a general agreement concerning brokerage of state securities in Georgia, the agreement of keeping securities and registration (the shape can be found in English in addition).

On the time of auction, I received a contact about approval of my noncompetitive application. The service commission amounted to 20 GEL. It can be 0.1 percent within the agreement. 20 gel is minimum commission and 100 gel is a maximum you need to pay. The service might be implemented in every bank. Plainly need it securities in the foreseeable future again, I can ought to complete the application form within my service bank.

I can also answer to the opponent who\’ll point out that the president of National Bank will not have a challenge with this process, having said that i hope it won’t be a challenge for anyone. By trying it and get problems, inform the National Bank regarding experience.( ?? 2 406 406)- said Gvenetadze.

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