Levan Surguladze Awaits Revision of Depositors\’ Money within the National Bank

Levan Surguladze Awaits Revision of Depositors\’ Money within the National Bank July 22, 2018Leave a comment

Photo/ National Bank of Georgia

The an affiliate Financial Supervisory Council of 2008-2009 estimates your second wave of separation of non-core assets and regulatory chances of banking holding companies.

Levan Surguladze believes that monetary policy and financial supervisor need to be separated; simply because it doesn\’t regulate amount of sectors, neither banking nor microfinance then there is high probability to adopt conflicting decisions by NBG, which is natural and proven by international studies too.

Depositor’s money shouldn\’t be purchased non-core risky business; it should merely reference the loans. He considers that control of the income flows is required for the prevention of it and never for business, and that is NBG\’s case. Levan Surguladze awaits revision of depositors\’ money within the National Bank on the 2nd wave of separation of non-core assets.

NBG President announced surveillance expansion following your monetary policy session residing in Kutaisi. Koba Gvenetadze said that details would be announced soon, right after the processing draft bill. The earliest phase began in 2014. The time for separation of non-core assets continues to be going to the commercial banks for December 31, 2015.

The direction is supervised by Murtaz Kikoria during the NBG. He or she is former CEO of the most popular bank. To notice, Murtaz Kikoria has grown to be general director of Bank of Georgia after the finish of separation of non-core assets on September 1, 2015. However, General Director Irakli Gilauri has been general director of BGEO Group and chairman of Supervisory Board.

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