Khazaradze: Performing Secretly With Depositors\’ Budgets are Not Right

Khazaradze: Performing Secretly With Depositors\’ Budgets are Not Right July 13, 2018Leave a comment

Doing business secretly with depositors\’ cash is not right; – founding father of TBC Group declared around the risks the result of participation of banks within the non-core businesses, including interest conflicts when using the clients.

Mr. Mamuka? Khazaradze states that historically, non-core assets are always separated with the balance of TBC Bank, including Borjomi, American Academy or other people. The businessman says that bank funds encompass depositors\’ with each of people money and TBC bank provides this fund during the long-term projects resulting from 2 reasons:

The first, bank always needs to be ready to return money upon the depositor\’s request additionally, the other, the lending company must avoid any interest conflict, because clients trust banks and banks know much about the, so non-core businesses ought to be separated from banks.

As you recognize, the separation of non-core assets in the commercial bank may be completed during this level, even so the National Bank is along with the growth of supervision scope, which envisages several regulations with the holdings, which own banking institutions.

NBG held presentation of your 2nd stage of separation on January 25 in Kutaisi. Koba Gvenetadze asserted that the growth details will be announced soon, following the processing of bill in NBG.

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