Create your Life with Terabank

Create your Life with Terabank June 23, 2018Leave a comment

From today on, Terabank might begin a large scale lottery- Constructor your life with Terabank! The outcome of the lottery could be – renewed flat in Vake, 2016 automobile Toyota RAV4, earnings of 2000 GEL and holiday to any European country.

The person who owns everything mentioned above becomes the individual who will need financing from Terabank from 22nd of February till 15th of June or opens a down payment in Gel,Euro or USD currency. Regarding taking loan, every customer could have one ticket for 1000 Gel and whenever of opening deposit, the sum will be doubled.

During the lottery, Terabank will have 3 package prizes for house, car and trip. The center prize lottery will require put on 20th of March, on 20th of April and so on 20th of May at 20:00 within the official facebook web-page of terabank in livestream.

The final lottery is going to take put on 20th of June, at 20.00. While in the frame in the lottery, you will find special circumstances for deposits and credit products. For more info concerning this, visit Terabanki official page:?

Terabank -my financial house may be on Georgian marker for 17 years already. It was established on 10th of December, 1999. On 30th of December, 2007, Darby Group made the main investment in Georgia and purchased the lending company.


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