Terabank Has recently Revealed the Winner in the First Mid-Lottery

Terabank Has recently Revealed the Winner in the First Mid-Lottery May 19, 2018Leave a comment

Tera Loan from the bank and deposit lottery already has revealed the winner from the first mid-lottery.?Tamar Tkavashvili won a package deal of house appliances such as: Smart house equipment, Apple TV, Internet and tv twelve months service, smart coffee brewer and lego instructor.?

The winner received her gifts for the headquarters of Terabank.

“During the frame from the lottery, I opened a first deposit in Terabank and that i won a fantastic gift. I\’m going to thank Terabank. If only other participants luck in the following mid-lottery”- declared Tamar Tkavashvili.

Terabank large-scale lottery called “Make your life with Terabank” started on 22th of February and gave to be able to all Georgian citizens to get involved in it when they would take at the least 1000 gel loan through the bank. The lottery will continue until 15th of June where there will be two mid-lotteries the other final lottery finally.

Tamar Tkavashvili noted she has won a lottery for the first time in their life and then she is aiming to win main prizes inside final lottery.

The final lottery winners will get a different apartment in Vake, a completely new automobile Toyota RAV4, an income of 2000 GEL and visit to any directions in Europe.?

Prizes mid-lottery will need put on 20th of April and 20th of May 20.00 at 20.00 and everyone can follow live stream on facebook.

The final lottery is going to take place on 20th of June at 20.00!

In the frame of lottery, Terabank has special conditions for loans and deposit products. If you would like discover more about it, visit Terabank official website:

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