VTB Bank Net Profits Triple

VTB Bank Net Profits Triple April 14, 2018Leave a comment

VTB Bank’s profitability has grown. Return on Assets marked 2.8% (1.15% in Q1/2016). Return on Equity (ROE) equaled to 26.4% (9.9% in Q1/2016). Net profits has nearly tripled every year (3.5 million GEL in Q1/2016; +191% year on year). As of the earliest quarter (Q1/2017), VTB Bank ranks fourth among profitable banks with approximately 4% ratio (15.258 million GEL).

The bank’s market ratio in terms of assets is in charge of 4.9%. The bank’s ratio in loans portfolio is 4.2%.

Assets 1 458 621
Loans 892 805
Deposits 847 177
Profits 10 224

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