Giorgi Papava: Banks wouldn\’t sell Larization of Loans like a Product

Giorgi Papava: Banks wouldn\’t sell Larization of Loans like a Product March 9, 2018Leave a comment

Economists explain less interest of population towards larization program by fewer activities of banks.

Economist Giorgi Papava regards, that banks are yet to sold larization of loans for a product. They just do not convince customers to apply loans in GEL concentrating on the same effort while they do in the event of offering a few.

Papava noted with TV-program \”Sakmiani Dila\” that customers were hesitating of this particular converting loans in GEL in spite of the government and NBG\’s advise to lose currency trading risks. However, increased monthly charge by 10-30 GEL has turned out decisive for several customers, uncovered lost the motivation.

\”Banks has a great role, because customers do not possess a right away attach together with the National Bank, so they must explain larization program correctly. I don\’t point out that they already have deceived anyone even so regard they\’ve not tried hard\”, Giorgi noted.

He notes that citizens generally have a miscalculation with the present time. So, if they saw that GEL was strengthening, perhaps the citizens considered that trend of a couple of months has been enough to sustain loans with 20 years maturity in USD C \”which has not been correct to my mind\”, – Papava notes.

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